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By Sam Stall

A hundred canines Who Made a Difference

If you don't think that one puppy has the ability to change civilization, then you've evidently by no means heard of Peritas (p. 166), the puppy who kept Alexander the nice from being trampled by way of an elephant. Or Biche (p. 57), the Italian Greyhound who all started a battle among France and Russia. Or Urian (p. 74), the puppy who bit Pope Clement VII and finalized England's holiday with the Catholic church. Or Peps and Fips (p. 96), the canine who helped Richard Wagner compose his operas.

These are only 5 of the a hundred canine Who replaced Civilization, and this booklet honors their impressive contributions to technological know-how, background, artwork, govt, faith, and extra. You'll meet a puppy who ran for president of France (p. seventy nine) and a puppy who kept a film studio (p. 115). You'll meet canine who've encouraged nice works of literature (p. ninety two) and who have been presented medals for his or her wartime carrier (p. 158). You'll even meet a puppy who turned a real-estate wealthy person (p. 141). those fantastically illustrated real tales are a tribute to the intelligence, bravery, and loving nature of canine worldwide.

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