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Are you keen on prime British actor Benedict Cumberbatch? if it is as Sherlock, a celebrity Trek villain or any of his multitude of television and picture roles, Ben has endeared himself to lovers internationally together with his quirky kind and extraordinary performing talents. during this easy-to-digest publication are one zero one evidence approximately him, simply organised into different types reminiscent of his upbringing, awards he has received, song he enjoys and masses extra. in case you are fan of every thing Cumberbatch, then this is often the publication for you!

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He says that one of his career highlights was being read an unpublished poem by Harold Pinter. For his university dissertation, Ben wrote about how Stanley Kubrick was the world’s greatest director. Ben’s favourite holiday destinations include Namibia, West Bengal and Iceland! His favourite books include Saturday by Ian McEwan and William Golding’s To The Ends of the Earth trilogy. The only long-term relationship Ben has had was with college classmate Olivia Poulet - they dated for 12 years but split up in 2012.

He says he actually ended the terrifying situation by arguing his way out! His grandfather was a much-decorated war hero; he was a submarine officer during the first and second world wars. Before his role in Hawking, Ben met up with the great man. He said that holding a conversation was daunting, as he though ‘I really don’t want to waste this man’s time’! Benedict is a big thrill seeker - he has taken part in a number of extreme activities, including skydiving - as well as the slightly more sedate pastime of hot-air ballooning.

Disclaimer: All facts presented in this title were gained from common and reputable sources in print and on the internet. If any detail within this title is found to be incorrect, the author will be happy to publish a corrected version. Introduction Are you a fan of leading British actor Benedict Cumberbatch? Whether it is as Sherlock, a Star Trek villain or any of his multitude of TV and film roles, Ben has endeared himself to fans across the world with his quirky style and amazing acting abilities.

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