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By Stephanie Paris

Realize the background of the distance race during this intriguing and riveting nonfiction name! ordinary readers will find out about the Kennedy house Station, the chilly conflict, Sputnik, the 1st astronauts and cosmonauts to make it into area, and the 1st touchdown at the moon. via attractive pictures, informational textual content, and ambitious proof, readers could be enthralled and encouraged by way of the superb accomplishments that happened throughout the race to space!

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Capstone Press, 2007. We Choose the Moon This graphic novel tells the story of the Apollo 11 mission. It includes a real astronaut-to-mission control conversation, a map of moon landings, and fun illustrations. Aldrin, Buzz. Reaching for the Moon. Perfection Learning, 2008. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin tells the story of his historic journey to the moon. His journey started before he was an astronaut—it began when he was a young child. Learn more about Aldrin, his dreams, and how they came true. Starke, John.

All these questions and more will be answered as you relive the mission. gov/externalflash/apollo11_landing This video features the first manned lunar module to land on the moon. You will hear authentic audio from the mission throughout the video. You can also watch the footage from Apollo 11’s launch and view a 360º view of the surface of the landing site while listening to the transcript of the account. htm Learn more about Earth’s moon. From its effect on the tides to the phases of the moon, this site has lots of information.

55 A Giant Leap The 20th century took humankind “one giant leap” forward in space exploration. The space race challenged us to work hard, learn more, and get to the moon no matter what. Sacrifices were made, human and animal lives were lost, but our vision of understanding and exploring space stayed true. Space exploration in the 20th century may have started off as the cutthroat space race. But by the end, nations from around the world learned to work together. Our ur history in space is brief, but it’s marked with amazing firsts.

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