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By Norman Kemp Smith

Of the entire significant philosophical works, Kant's Critique of natural cause is without doubt one of the such a lot lucrative, but the most tricky. Norman Kemp Smith's remark elucidates not just textural questions and minor matters, but additionally the relevant difficulties which come up, he contends, from the conflicting traits of Kant's personal pondering. Kemp Smith's observation remains to be fashionable with Kant students, and it truly is being reissued right here with a brand new creation through Sebastian Gardner to set it in its modern context.

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L9(Xl) p. : an d below, p. ) And, secondly, Kan t's state men ts reveal hi s en tire igno rance of Hurne's view of ma thematical science as given in th e Trfatist>, 2 Cl. Vaih inger, Commentary. i. p. 344 ft. Beatt ie does . l f', but in so ind irect and casu al a manner t hat Ka nt could not possibly gat he r from the reference any noti on of wh at t hat treat me nt was. Cf. Beattie's Essay on tile Nature alld Immutability of Truth (sixth edition), pp . 138, 142, 269 . J Th ese Hum e had h imself po inted out bo th in the Treatise an d in t he Enquiry, and because of t he m he reject s scept icism as a feasib le ph ilosoph y of life.

Their literary qualit y is, however, more th an coun terbalanced by th e absence of an y gen uine apprecia tio n o f the deeper, speculative implications and co nseq ue nc es of t he pro blems d iscussed , And th is being so, he is n aturally at h is worst in crit icising Hu me. In in sisting, as he does, upon th e absurd practical results! that would follow from th e ado ption of Hume's sceptical concl usions, he is m erely exploiti ng popular preju dice in the ph ilosoph ical arena, Th at, however, may be forgiven him, if, as would seem to be th e case, th e quotations wh ich he gives verbatim from Hume's Treatise really first revealed to Kant the sco pe and innermost m ean ing of Hum e's analysis of th e causal problem .

In men ta l labou r of so delicate a character nothing is more harmful than preoccup ation with extraneous matters. tie uninterru pted ly ope n to any cha nce suggestion which may present itself. v- "I am not of th e opinion of the well-meaning writer who has recommended us never to allow doubts in rega rd to a matter upon which we have on ce made up our minds . In pure ph ilosoph y that is not feasible. Indeed the understanding has in itself a na tural ob jection to any such procedure.

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