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By Gin Jones

Because the former governor's spouse, Helen Binney is used to being accountable. So whilst disease and pushy nieces strength her to tackle a traveling nurse, Helen makes use of each trick within the e-book to slide clear of the aggravating lady. basically somebody should have disliked the nurse much more than Helen, as the woman's useless physique exhibits up tomorrow in Helen's backyard! Now it's as much as Helen to turn out that not just is she completely in a position to taking good care of herself, she's additionally completely in a position to fixing one cold-blooded homicide. among the nurse's shady prior, an elusive "Remote keep watch over Burglar," and an not going partnership with a good-looking attorney, Helen reveals herself being drawn into the killer's conscientiously crafted net. the one query is, can Helen live to tell the tale a bit dose of loss of life?

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She wasn't expecting anything, didn't recognise the handwriting. Postmarked Ayr. Ayr? Who did she know in Ayr? Then suddenly it was there. A horrible sense of foreboding. A cold hand 63 touching her neck, making the hairs rise; the chill grip on her heart. She let the package fall from her fingers and land on the table. Her stomach tightened, she began to feel sick. Walked slowly over to the drawer beside the sink and lifted out a pair of scissors. She started back to the table, but suddenly the vomit rose in her throat, and she was bent over the sink, retching violently, as the tears began to stream down her face.

Whatever she was going to find out wouldn't be true until she had opened that door and had been informed. Her hand hovered over the key; she wished she could suspend time; wished she could stand there forever, and never have to learn what she was about to be told. 62 She turned the key, slowly swinging the door open, the first tears already beginning to roll down her cheeks. ' She started to smile, and then a laugh came bursting from her mouth. A big, booming, guttural laugh which she had never heard herself make before.

She put her hand out, touched the arm of the postman. 'I'm sorry, Davey, it's nothing. ' 'Christ, who were you expecting? ' She laughed again, and for the first time looked past him. It was a dark and murky morning, the rain falling in a relentless drizzle. The winds of the previous day had abated, but still it was horrible, as it had been for weeks. ' The postman smiled. ' He rummaged inside his bag and pulled out a small parcel. 'There's this and a few letters. ' She took the post from him, looking through it to see if there was one with Louise's handwriting.

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