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By John Moore

In an try to win the hand of Princess Gloria in marriage, Sir Terry slays a dragon-only to find he's killed the dragon in a neighboring nation and inadvertently earned the devotion of the inaccurate princess. and everybody understands that obtaining caught with the inaccurate lady is actually a destiny worse than dragons.

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If we recall what was said above about language as an intensional system, in which no element bears its meaning in and of itself, but conveys meaning only as it is crossed over by all other elements of the system in which it is inscribed, we can see how mutually exclusive oppositions are logical impossibilities. A concept such as ‘untranslatability’ cannot be self-contained, but must relate to all other concepts within its system, particularly that o f ‘translatability’, against which it is defined.

In other words, any mark or sign is available to citation, and this citationality is what Derrida means by ‘writing’: Traductio. Essays on Punning and Translation 38 This is the possibility on which I wish to insist: the possibility of extraction and of citational grafting which belongs to the structure of every mark, spoken or written, and which constitutes every mark as writing even before and outside every horizon of semiolinguistic communication; as writing, that is, as a possibility of functioning cut off, at a certain, point, from its ‘original’ meaning and from its belonging to a saturable and constraining context.

Conclusion Wordplay, then, even though it is the signature of a language, is nonetheless iterable and therefore accessible to recognition and citation by another lan­ guage. Despite its high degree of idiomaticity and its attempt to close off the identity of a language, wordplay can never succeed in completely sealing off a pure self-identity, but must function as a relation within an open language system. It is, therefore, available to translation in the sense that descriptive translation studies applies that term today.

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