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By David K. Fibush

1994 1st Tektronix. 4to., 82pp., wraps. VG.

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Scrambling does indeed break up long runs of “1”s or “0”s and produces the desired spectrum with minimum low-frequency content, while providing maximum zero crossings needed for clock extraction at the receiver. However, there are certain combinations of data input and scrambler state that will, occasionally, cause long runs (20 to 40) of “0”s. These long runs of “0”s create no zero crossings and are the source of low-frequency content in the signal. ) The scrambler is a nine-cell shift register as shown in Figure 9-1.

5 Ts2) Where: Ta = actual risetime Tm = measured risetime Ts = risetime of the scope First full line in an analog field First and last full amplitude sample allowed by nominal analog blanking First and last digital active picture samples Last full line in an analog field Figure 6-4. Picture monitor display of the Active Picture Timing Test signal. 5 adjusts for the fact that the scope risetime specification is for the 10% to 90% points. 44 ns actual risetime. Measuring Serial Digital Video Signal Timing Relative timing between serial digital video signals that are within an operational range for use in studio equipment may vary from several nanoseconds to a few television lines.

A typical distribution of runs of “1”s and “0”s is shown in Table 9-1 for 100 frames of component black. ) The longer runs (16, 19, 22, 32, 33, 34, and 39) occur as single events that the transmission system amplifiers and receivers can handle Table 9-1. 100 Frames of Component Black Length “1”s “0”s Length “1”s “0”s 73759 13579 32 55 51 33 49 1 112615438 112610564 21 2 56303576 56305219 22 3 28155012 28154963 23 4 14076558 14077338 24 5 7037923 7038595 25 6 3518756 3518899 26 7 1759428 1760240 27 8 1059392 699666 28 9 610241 970950 29 10 1169 1060 30 11 14 156 31 12 40 13 156 114 16 13713 73865 36 19 101 94 39 14 34 Figure 9-1.

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