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The Word As Scalpel: A History of Medical Sociology

"Sam Bloom has drawn on his personal wealthy fifty yr event and his clever insights to supply an interpretation of ancient occasions that intertwine the heritage of scientific sociology with alterations in clinical technology and schooling, with the altering economics, politics and practices of wellbeing and fitness care, with transferring social values, and with the altering nature, prestige and significant matters of sociology.

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While perfectly wholesome and good for the majority of people, strawberries, for instance, are to a few--perhaps one in twenty--so irritating and indigestible as to be mildly poisonous. The other foods which may play this kind of trick with the stomachs of certain persons are oranges, bananas, melons, clams, lobsters, oysters, cheese, sage, and parsley, and occasionally, but very rarely, eggs and mutton. This is a matter which each of you can readily find out by experiment. If strawberries, melons, and other fruits agree with you, then eat freely of them, in due moderation.

Milk. Milk is an interesting food of great value because it combines in itself all three of the great classes of food-stuffs,--protein, starch-sugar, and fat. Its protein is a substance called casein, which forms the bulk of curds, and which, when dried and salted, is called cheese. The fat is present in little tiny globules which give milk its whitish or milky color. When milk is allowed to stand, these globules of fat, being lighter, float up to the top and form a layer which is called cream.

It is, however, so valuable a food, with so high a fuel value, and is so rapidly digested and absorbed, that man has always had a very keen desire for it, or, as we say, a "sweet tooth," and has literally searched the whole vegetable kingdom the world over to discover plants from which it could be secured in larger amounts. During the last two hundred years it has been obtained chiefly from two great sources: the juicy stem of a tall, coarse reed, or cane, the sugar-cane, growing in the tropics; and (within the last fifty years) the sweet juice of the large root of a turnip-like plant, the beet.

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