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By Betsy Devine, Joel E. Cohen

Gathers jokes and anecdotes approximately academia, scientists, educating professors, clinical reputations, educational publishing, ladies scientists, and renowned science


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Red Meat Cures Cancer

What could you do if you happen to have been a couple of months from amassing early retirement--a pension for which you'd sucked up and sycophanted virtually twenty years--when your obscenely obese and very crass boss instructed you that when you didn't increase the company's industry proportion by way of the tip of the 12 months, you'd be out in your ass with no dime?

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From one of many funniest minds--and pens--of our time, eventually, the definitive choice of the superior of Opus, everyone's favourite maladjusted penguin. one among Americas such a lot loved comedian geniuses is again, with this collectible twenty fifth anniversary compendium of the easiest of Opus, joined through his hilarious aiding forged, together with Binkley, Milo, invoice the Cat, Steve Dallas, Ronald Ann, and the remainder of the citizens of Bloom County and Outland.

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One of the issues handled during this assortment are the prestige of Scots as a countrywide language; the orthography of Scots; the particular and capability measure of standardisation of Scots; the debt of the vocabulary of Scots to Gaelic; using Scots in fictional discussion; and the advance of Scots as a poetic medium within the sleek interval.

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But this is Sir William Thomson, the President of the Association," urged a bystander. The porter's stony reply: "I have orders aboot tickets. " In addition to his important work on thermodynamics, he played an important role in laying the first transatlantic cable and improving the compass used by mariners. When Queen Victoria made him a peer, in 1896, the titles "Lord Cable" and "Lord Compass" were both considered. Fortunately, the name of the River Kelvin, on whose banks Glasgow University stands, was finally chosen instead.

And more famous because of the many patient hours he spent posing asked Flexner through chattering teeth. for refugee artists who needed the money they could make by creating ""Yes," replied Einstein. "Besides, I dress according to the season, not the weather. " this relentless public attention. And all the while, his face grew more yet another Einstein portrait. One day, Einstein was riding the train from New York to Prince- ABSOLUTE ZERO GRAVITY . • • . • • . . • . • 72 ton when his reverie was interrupted by an inquisitive stranger who said, "I don't think I know you-but your face is so familiar.

M. My freshman chern prof had a trick that kept us fascinated every time he went to the blackboard. With the chalk in his left hand, he would start scribbling down some long chemical formula; then midway through it the chalk would switch to his right hand and he'd keep on During the question period after a lecture by the great mathematical physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, someone stood up and said, going just as fast as ever. han~. Students took bets that someday Klein would stick the chalk III hiS mouth or write with the cigar, but no one ever collected on it.

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