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The booklet offers a radical step by step presentation of the computational versions concerned which permits the reader to simply build a circulation chart from which to function. a different characteristic to this booklet is that the writer severely reports all the latest numerical types highlighting either merits and downsides of every.

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Bubbles, Drops, and debris in Non-Newtonian Fluids, moment variation maintains to supply thorough assurance of the medical foundations and the most recent advances in particle movement in non-Newtonian media. The ebook demonstrates how dynamic habit of unmarried debris can yield priceless details for modeling delivery strategies in advanced multiphase flows.


Dieses 1952 erstmals erschienene Standardwerk behandelt auch in seiner sechsten Auflage in vergleichender Weise alle verschiedenen Arten von Strömungsmaschinen. Dem Studenten wird ein Buch in die Hand gegeben, das über das ebenfalls im Springer-Verlag erschienene Lehrbuch Petermann "Einführung in die Strömungsmaschinen" hinausgeht und Detailwissen vertieft.

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