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By Robert Nola, Howard Sankey, R. Nola, H. Sankey

A few imagine that concerns to do with medical technique are final century's stale debate; Popper used to be an recommend of method, yet Kuhn, Feyerabend, and others are imagined to have introduced the controversy approximately its prestige to an finish. The papers during this quantity convey that matters in technique are nonetheless a great deal alive. a few of the papers reinvestigate concerns within the debate over method, whereas others set out new ways that the talk has built within the final decade. The ebook may be of curiosity to philosophers and scientists alike within the reassessment it offers of previous debates approximately procedure and present instructions of study.

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The history of science that is 'rationally reconstructed' according to some SM is said to be 'value-impregnated' because it is based in the elite's valuejudgements. Lakatos recognises that no SM will capture all such valuejudgements, adding that while this would be a problem for Popper's SM elevated to meta-methodology (it gets falsified by its own meta-criterion), it is not a problem for his own SM of SRPs elevated to meta-methodology (since it allows 24 ROBERT NOLA AND HOWARD SANKEY for progress in an ocean of anomalies): 'rational reconstructions remainfor ever submerged in an ocean of anomalies.

569). For Kuhn, Y's being more accurate is just one of the things that the local holism of the word 'science' makes Y scientific; Y cannot be non-scientific. For Kuhn, Hempel's near-triviality is not breached because a convention has been violated (this would be the position of the early Popper); nor is a tautology negated. Rather 'what is being set aside is the empirically derived taxonomy of disciplines' (loc. ) that are associated with terms like 'science'. Like many claims based on an appeal to analyticity, meaning or taxonomic principles, one might feel that the later Kuhn has indulged in theft over honest toil.

Ifwe follow the critique provided by Stich and Siegel, we are led to the negative conclusion that, whatever the status of RE, it is not a principle that should be adopted to adjudicate between even principles of logic, as originally proposed by Goodman. Thus the prospects ofRE as a meta-methodology are not promising, even though some meta-methods do adopt a way of proceeding that is reminiscent of aspects of RE. 8. KUHN'S THEORY OF WEIGHTED VALUES Those who view Kuhn as holding either an irrationalist or anti-methodology stance, or endorsing a paradigm-relative account of method, can find passages in the Kuhn of 1962 that support these views.

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