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Economics, therefore suggests that the best value for the taxpayer would occur if the natural gas generators were turned off in response to a reduction in demand, since this is generally the most expensive source of generation. However, this does not generally happen in isolation. At times of low demand, which can occur in the Spring and Fall periods of the year in a climate like Ontario’s, hydro-electricity is sometimes used to follow electrical loads, which from a GHG emissions perspective, is the worst case scenario if the aim is to use more efficient CFLBs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ILB operational lifetime is insensitive due to the insignificant impact that light bulb fabrication has on the total GHG emissions throughout the planning period. Sensitivity regarding net GHG emissions is slightly more difficult to explain. It is easy to understand that the number of household light bulbs and private dwellings occupied by usual residents will increase the marginal difference between GHG emissions associated with ILBs versus CFLBs – these parameters clearly exacerbate the net difference in GHG emissions.

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