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Книга Albatros DIII Albatros DIII Книги Вооружение Автор: Ray Rimell Год издания: 2003 Формат: pdf Страниц: fifty nine Размер: 28,4Мб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книга посвященазнаменитому немецкому истребителю первой мировой войны Aldatros DIII.Эта элегантная,красивая машина пользовалась заслуженной любовью и уважением у немецких пилотов,а также заставляла уважать себя их противников.Содержит:чветные рисунки,подробные чертежи,уникальные фотографии.

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Switched to the Eastern Front this Division formed part of L Army Corps from Heeresgruppe Nord in June of 1942. A year later in June 1943 still on the Russian Front and commanded by Generalmajor Julius Ringel the Division was part of 1 Army Corps from Heeresgruppe Nord. lnfantry Division in time for the first battle of Cassino and positioned on the Gustav Line they faced the French 2nd Moroccan and 3rd Algerian Divisions around Monte Cifaico. By April 1945 command of the Division had passed to General Wittman and they formed part of III Panzer Corps from the 6th Army part of Heeresgruppe Sud.

1 nfanterie-Div. 1 nfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. lnfanterie-Div. 45 100. Jager-Division on the move, Russia, July 1942. Note the 'Fir-Tree' emblem on all vehicles. On motor-cycles all markings were usuDlly half-size (Press-Bild-Zentrale). ns Divisionol Commander and the formation formed part of XI Army Corps 'von Bunnu' from the 1st Panzer Army, Heeresgruppe Mitte. Emblem: A black curling feather on a white shield.

It saw active service in the Balkans in 1943 and in Yugoslavia in March 1944 where it carried out anti-partisan operations. Emblem: Appropriately enough this Division in common with the Croatian 373rd and 392nd Infantry Divisions used an emblem based on Croatia's National Colours-25 red and silver (white) squares arranged in chequer-board fashion on a shield. Because of its emblem this Division was sometimes referred to as Fig 73 the 'Schachbrett-Division'-the Chess Board Division. Nachrichten-Abteilung Home station: \/\/ehrkreis VII History: This Bavarian Division was on active service on the Eastern Front, and in 1942 was fighting on the Dnieper Bend.

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