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Occasions bringing the USA military to North Africa had began greater than a yr earlier than the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. For either the Axis and the Allies, the Mediterranean Sea sector used to be one in every of doubtful precedence. at the Axis part, the positioning of Italy made obvi-ous Rome’s curiosity within the zone. however the better German accomplice pursued pursuits enormous quantities of miles north. the same department of emphasis characterised the Allies. To the British the Mediterranean Sea was once the very important hyperlink among the house islands and long-held Asian possessions in addition to heart jap oil fields. To the american citizens, despite the fact that, the world had by no means been one in every of very important nationwide curiosity and used to be no longer noticeable because the most sensible path to Berlin. however the fall of France in June 1940 had additionally introduced a brand new size to the quarter. The quit of Paris left 120,000 French troops in West and North Africa and masses of the French fleet in Atlantic and Mediterranean ports. either the Axis and Allies observed in a foreign country French forces because the decisive virtue that will let them in achieving their contradictory goals within the Mediterranean.

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CMH Pub 72–11 Cover: Troops and tank of 7th Infantry, 3d Division, inland of Fedala.

Naval gunfire provided essential support in neutralizing coastal batteries. In coordinating with friendly troop movements ashore, however, problems arose. Most landings took place near urban areas, which placed troops in civil-military minefields. Since Allied leaders looked forward to eventual French cooperation against the Axis, gunnery officers aboard ships and field commanders ashore had to exercise great care to avoid civilian housing as well as port facilities and oil supplies they hoped to use.

Butcher, a naval officer serving with Eisenhower, gives another view from headquarters in his My Three Years with Eisenhower (1946). The views of armor commanders are to be found in George S. , War As I Knew It (1947), and Ernest N. Harmon, Combat Commander: Autobiography of a Soldier (1970). The most exhaustive treatment of the campaign remains George F. Howe, Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West (1957), a volume in the series United States Army in World War II. CMH Pub 72–11 Cover: Troops and tank of 7th Infantry, 3d Division, inland of Fedala.

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