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By Michael Ebner

Named one in every of Kirkus experiences most sensible Books of the yr. “The book’s jam-packed with laugh-out-loud traces and discussion. the writer having a Charles Portis-like present for writing” (Kirkus Reviews). inn concierge, Joel Wilson, has lately befriended the foyer pianist, Wade Farley and his course will quickly swap in methods he might by no means have imagined. either have expertise, ambition and large plans for different careers. yet they‘ll have to visit nice lengths to chop in the course of the pageant. Their scheme to hit the large time takes them to big apple and kick-starts a deadly video game. Underestimating song multi-millionaire Lance Martin makes it a perilous one. He’s the explanation one hit wonders vanish from the face of the earth.

Copyright 2009. e-book released 2013.

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