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By Adrian M. Harvey, Anne E. Mather, Martin R. Stokes

Alluvial fanatics are vital sedimentary environments. They catch sediment added from mountain resource components, and exert an incredible keep an eye on at the supply of sediment to downstream environments, to axial drainages and to sedimentary basins. they maintain a delicate list of environmental swap in the mountain resource parts. Alluvial fan geomorphology and sedimentology mirror not just drainage basin measurement and geology, yet switch based on tectonic, climatic and base-level controls. one of many demanding situations dealing with alluvial fan examine is to unravel how those gross controls are mirrored in alluvial fan dynamics and to use the result of reports of contemporary fan procedures and Quaternary fanatics to the knowledge of sedimentary sequences within the rock checklist. This quantity contains papers in keeping with updated learn, and makes a speciality of 3 issues: alluvial fan approaches, dynamics of Quaternary alluvial enthusiasts and fan sedimentary sequences. Linking the papers is an emphasis at the controls of fan geomorphology, sedimentology and dynamics. this gives a foundation for integration among geomorphological and sedimentological ways, and an figuring out how fluvial structures reply to tectonic, climatic and base-level changes.Also to be had: Submarine Slope platforms - ISBN 1862391777 restricted Turbidite structures - ISBN 1862391491 Deep-water Sedimentation within the Alpine Basie of SE France - ISBN 1862391483

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Seismic activity that accompanied late Miocene uplift culminated in a series of dominantly WSW-ENE-trending transfer faults (Lyon-Caen et al. 1988), which effectively subdivided parts of the eastern flanks of the Taygetos range into a series of fault-bounded blocks, and controlled the spacing of several steep drainage systems. During the Holocene, shallow seismic activity became concentrated along the eastern edge of the Taygetos range (Dufaure 1977). It is thought that up to three shallow earthquakes during the early, middle (Armijo et al.

Evidence emerging from further investigations of Spartan fans suggests that tectonic processes exert only a limited influence on patterns of fan development. Long-term tectonic uplift has created the gross relief necessary to partially control sediment generation and sediment transfer rates. In addition, the Tertiary fault system has effectively controlled the positioning of several of the fan systems within the range-front piedmont zone. By comparison, Quaternary faulting along the range front initiated localized uplift, culminating in short phases of renewed fanhead entrenchment and incision of distal-fan surfaces.

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