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George Washington had his personal mystery brokers, employed pirates to struggle the British, and helped Congress smuggle guns, yet you will not examine that during your background books! study the genuine tales of the yank Revolution and the way spies used musket balls, books, and laundry to ship messages. observe the feminine Paul Revere, clear up a secret agent puzzle, and make your individual disappearing ink. it is all a part of the genuine tales from the pinnacle mystery documents of historical past. have a look when you dare, yet be cautious! a few secrets and techniques are supposed to remain hidden...

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Whooping war chants filled the air while 200 men gathered by the Boston Harbor. It was the perfect night for a party, but not the kind you might think. The people of the American colonies were fed up with King George III and his ever-increasing tax demands. They had endured the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts, through which the English Parliament had imposed taxes on the American colonies, without allowing the colonies to elect representatives to Parliament. The colonists argued that these acts created “taxation without representation,” which went against the laws of England.

He died August 9, 1830, at the age of 70. Pompey’s Mission Pompey Lamb was a slave who worked as a deliveryman for the British, but he was actually a patriot spy. Trusted by the British, Pompey was given the code word to get into the fort at Stony Point, NY. Pompey brought along two soldiers dressed as farmers. The three men overpowered the guards and allowed the colonial rebels to capture the fort. Benjamin Franklin, Patriot Spy When Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, he was already 70 years old.

And to make that point perfectly clear, he decided to tax their favorite beverage—tea. A huge protest was held, with 7,000 colonists in Boston yelling and arguing against the king’s tea tax. They demanded that the ships carrying the tea return to England with none of the taxes paid. But Massachusetts Governor Thomas Hutchinson was loyal to King George and refused to let the ships leave their harbor. This made the colonists even angrier. On the night of December 16, 1773, protestors known as the Sons of Libery dressed themselves in Mohawk Indian costumes.

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