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He sets out on a journey by mail coach but, due to his apparent inability to speak or breathe, he is assumed to be dead. Mistaken for a mail robber, he is hanged and interred in a public vault. He then succeeds in regaining his breath and effects his escape. MAELZEL'S CHESS PLAYER. Essay [SLM, April 1836]. Poe demonstrates, by a process of ratiocination, that the chess player exhibited in the United States by Mr. Maelzel was not operated by an automaton but by a concealed human being. THE MAN OF THE CROWD.

BERENICE. Short story [SLM, March 1835] Berenice and her cousin are brought up together in the same family mansion. The cousin proclaims his love for her but before preparations for their marriage are completed she dies of epilepsy. Her cousin then realises to his horror that she has been buried while still breathing and that, after the interment, he has exhumed the body to extract the teeth which he has long coveted. THE BLACK CAT. Shortstory[Saturday, 19August 1843]. The narrator confesses that in a fit of rage he has murdered his wife and walled uj:> her body in the cellar.

Short story [Burton, August 1839]. A satirical account of a Military celebrity, 'hero of the Bugaboo and Kickapoo campaign'. The General is called upon whilst dressing; during the interview it becomes evident that he has an artificial leg, arm, teeth and hair, and 48 An Edgar Allan Poe Companion that even his voice is enhanced by a machine. He is, in fact, almost wholly artificial- 'the man that was used up'. MS. FOUND IN A BOTTLE. Short story [Baltimore, 19 October 1833]. A wealthy traveller sails from the port of Batavia on a voyage to the Sunda islands but is blown off course by a violent storm.

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