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By Dharamvir Bharati, Alok Bhalla (Trans.)

This can be a translation of Dharamvir Bharati's Andha Yug (1953), some of the most major performs of contemporary India. Written instantly after the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the play is a profound meditation at the politics of violence and competitive selfhood. The motion of the play happens at the final day of the Mahabharata struggle and is concentrated on a number of bewildered survivors of the Kaurava extended family. The ramparts are in ruins, the town is burning, and Kurukshetra is roofed with corpses and vultures. The surviving Kauravas are beaten through grief and rage. They lengthy for one final act of revenge opposed to the Pandavas. this is why whilst Ashwatthama releases the final word weapon, the brahmastra, which threatens to annihilate the area, they decline to sentence it as ethically reprehensible.

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Guard the palace during my absence. Vidura exits. guard 2 Did you see the soldier with your own eyes? guard 1 He is a sorcerer a shapeshifter who can take any form at will. When the guards locked the city gates he changed into a vulture Andha Yug 39 flew over the locked gates and began to prey upon the bodies of children sleeping on open terraces. guard 2 Quick! Lock the western gate at once. guard 1 Terrified. Look! guard 2 What is it? guard 1 He’s coming! guard 2 Quick take cover, here! Both guards hide in the shadows at the back.

There are still two fading embers left in the ruined city. A blind and self-deceiving king shuffling in the void of his own circle of darkness and a bewildered heartbroken Gandhari still clinging to hope with blind desperation. And the prophetic Sanjaya —immortal and detached— 20 Bharati who sees all and knows all who fears not the wars that Gods promote who is free from doubts and confusions who can dare to confront the king with the truth— even that Sanjaya is ensnared by the dark night of delusions and stands lost on this path of thorns and stones.

Put away your sword. ashwatthama Did you hear that, Father? I am the only one who seeks revenge. Dhristadyumna violated dharma when he killed you. Bhima violated dharma when he killed Duryodhana. Yet I poor, orphaned Ashwatthama must alone carry the burden of honor and dharma. kripacharya Come sit next to me, son. We are with you. We too desire revenge but not through treachery. Find some other way. ashwatthama Some other way?! Have the Pandavas left us any other options? The Pandava sense of honor was on display today when Bhima violating all the codes of war threw Duryodhana down smashed his thighs broke his arms and his neck.

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