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By Alexandra Van Der Geer

The paintings heritage of South Asian covers a time span of approximately 4 and a part thousand years. in this interval, an enormous variety of animal stone sculptures has been produced, starting from the pre-historic interval until at the present time and protecting an outstanding number of motifs and imagery in several areas and non secular traditions. then again, the variety of reports dedicated to those animal sculptures has remained super restricted. the current ebook goals at filling this data hole. With this richly illustrated ebook, the 1st of its sort, Van der Geer bargains a comparative learn of the ways that numerous animals were depicted and a lucid research of the sculptors' remedy in their "models": dwelling animals. The paintings background of sculptured animals is contextualized with an outline of using animals as should be learn from historical texts, archaeological proof and contemporaneous tradition. In doing so, parallels in addition to adjustments standard or iconography are highlighted, elucidating the diversity of animal depictions throughout areas, spiritual contexts and during time. The corpus of mentioned fabric levels from Indus seals, stupa panels and railings, huge temples from North and South India, non-religious palace and citadel structure to unfastened sculptures in museum collections.

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Below: overview. Photograph: © 2006 Y. net> The river dolphin 463. Detail of the beak with sharp teeth of the river dolphin of the Ganges (Platanista gangetica). Zoological Museum La Specola, Florence, Italy. Photograph: A. van der Geer 464. Dolphin statue, Palace of the Knights, Rhodes, Greece, unknown period, limestone. Photograph: A. van der Geer 465. The river goddess Ganga standing on her makara. Besnagar, Madhya Pradesh, 4th–6th century. Photograph: ASI, 1900–1920, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands 466.

Photograph: ASI, 1910–1930, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands Elephants at the shore. Detail of Arjuna’s Penance. Mammalapuram, Tamil Nadu, 7th–mid 8th century, granite. Photograph: ASI SC, 1900–1920, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands Bathing elephants at the Naga Pokuna, Tisawewa Lake, Isurumuni, c. 6th–10th century. Photograph: ASC, 767, 1922–1923, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands Lakshmi Being Bathed by Elephants. Gateway to the Great Stupa at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, c.

Photograph: IO List 1900, 1062 and 1478, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands 304. E. Photograph: ASC, 1910– 1911, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands 305. Horse rider on a column. E. Archaeological Museum, DG 4, Sarnath. Photograph: ASI DGA, 462, 1906–1907, courtesy Kern Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands 306. Pair of horse riders on the southern gateway, outer view, of the Great Stupa, Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, c. , sandstone. Photograph: courtesy A. Kamphorst 307. Frieze with the Transport of the Buddha’s Relics.

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