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By Ken Ham

Even adults fight to appreciate our writer - the limitless Being who seeks a private dating with every one people. Now young ones can start to comprehend either God's Holy observe and the significance of Him of their lives - what He expects from them, why it can be crucial to persist with His plan for his or her lives, and the affection He has for them. Open the e-book and notice:

Why cannot I pay attention God chatting with me?
How sizeable is God
What does God appear like?
Why do i am getting in hassle in school while I speak about the Bible?

those very important solutions will empower teenagers to stay with godly values and with a spirit of obedience for God. the hot Answers booklet for Kids sequence is a special assortment from Ken Ham and the artistic group at solutions in Genesis. different books within the sequence comprise:

Vol. 1 - 22 questions about construction and the Fall
Vol. 2 - 22 questions about Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah
Vol. four - 22 questions about Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life

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Well, think about it. It was 6000 years ago when the first person decided to believe a truth different from God’s. It was in the Garden of Eden—Adam and Eve believed Satan instead of God and they ate the forbidden fruit. When they disobeyed God, they showed us that they wanted to decide their own truth. Since then, men have sinned by ignoring God’s truth and believing different things. Our Bible verse tells us they ‘suppress the truth’—their heart does not want the true God. People believe so many different things because they are sinners and they don’t want to listen to God.

We don’t need to hear God out loud because we can “hear” what He has to say by reading the Bible. We think it might be easier if God would just speak out loud and then we would know what He wanted. But He promises that if we study His word we will get to know Him. We need to read it and study it. We need to trust it. When we do that, we WILL hear God through His Word! 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Then billions of years ago (when no one was there to see) life formed on earth. ) animals began changing into other animals. ) an animal like an ape began to change into a human being. That’s their story . . but there wasn’t anyone around to see it. Well, guess what? In the Bible we are told that God has given His word to men to write down so we can know how everything came to be. The Bible, which is God’s Word, though penned by man, tells us that God WAS there and He has given us an eyewitness account of exactly how the universe and everything in it was created.

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