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By A. M. Bowie

This ebook examines the performs of the Greek comedian author Aristophanes and makes an attempt to reconstruct the responses of the unique audiences through the use of anthropological recommendations to check the performs with these Greek myths and rituals that percentage comparable tale styles or subject material. it's the first ebook to use this kind of research systematically to the entire comedies, and in addition differs from past stories in that it doesn't impose a unmarried interpretative constitution at the performs. All Greek is translated.

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For the strength of Athenian feeling at 7 enforced evacuation from their demes, cf. Thuc. 2. 20. PI. Prot. 319c. ); they need but one sniff of Amphitheus' spondai ('treaty-wine') before they give chase (179). ). Such a proposal to stone him is contrary to Athenian law: 'there is no indication that stoning was ever a legal punishment in Athens. x> The significance of these violent scenes involving the Chorus can be summed up in their attitude to Amphitheus. It is ironic that men who claim once to have kept up with Phayllus, an Olympic athlete (211-14), should use the word spondophoros (216) of one to whom they are offering violence.

809, 1625. ) also splits up two aspects of Athenian life that were essentially connected: membership of the symposium and of the hoplite battle-line were parallel, as is shown by vases and cups which link them together: cf. g. Lissarrague 1990: 71, H5f. 21 compares citizens to 'contributors' who must give to the 'common political feast (eranos)'. 65 66 The Anthesteria 35 guous to convey an implicit criticism in 'he's working on his own behalf (1017), 'it doesn't look as though he is going to share it with anyone' (1038^), and most strikingly in the choice of the phrase 'he is thinking big thoughts indeed' (988), which is familiar as a fault in tragic figures before their fall.

66. Schol. Ach. ); Frogs 337; Pi. Rep. 378A; Plut. Phoc. ; Burkert 1983a: 256-64. The scene with the Boeotian is less morally problematic than that with the Megarian, though the stopping of the sycophant's mouth (926) and his manhandling are uncomfortably reminiscent of the similar treatment of Amphitheus. 34 Acharnians (47—51). Both of these agricultural figures make a reasonable request of the powers that be, and both are refused: where Dicaeopolis was earlier the victim of arbitrary justice, he is now handing it out.

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